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Access to Maximized Adherence

Personalizing patient support and maximizing adherence solutions


Adherence is rooted in creating an environment where patients can cope with their disease throughout their treatment journey. At Axios International, we understand that each patient's journey is unique. Hence, we look at the patient journey holistically and provide tailored, personalized adherence interventions to meet each patient’s needs.

There is “no one size fits all” approach when designing our programs. Instead, we adopt a multi-layered approach to effectively address the five dimensions of adherence established by the World Health Organization (WHO), which include factors related to patients, medications, conditions, healthcare systems/providers, and social and economic factors, to help patients in completing their treatment.

The patient support programs (PSPs) that we manage under our maximized adherence solutions are specially designed to create an integrated ecosystem of care and treatment. With PSPs, patients receive access to medication throughout the entire course of treatment, helping them overcome challenges and cope with their disease during their treatment journey. The programs also provide them with 360° support to maximize health outcomes.

Personalizing adherence to treatment solutions using PNAT

Recognizing that every patient is different, Axios’ proprietary PNAT assists in identifying their specific needs and tailoring programs to best meet those unique requirements. By adopting an evidence-based approach, PNAT customizes services for each patient, thereby maximizing adherence to treatment, engagement and program cost-efficiency.

Assisting patients in adhering to the treatment at every step

Emphasizing the need for providing care and treatment in the right place at the right time, we provide a broad range of cost-competitive and risk-mitigated maximized adherence solutions. Every patient undergoes a personal needs assessment using PNAT to determine the support they need. Based on their unique requirements, a personalized patient support plan is developed to maximize adherence. The process kicks off with the patient being referred to a specific Patient Support Program. The patient support plan is provided to suit individual patient needs from an available selection of adherence solutions.

How does our personalized patient support plan contribute to sustainable outcomes?

Our partnered-access programs not only yield improved medical outcomes but also reduce the burden on hospitals and healthcare professionals by following through with patients outside the hospital. Additionally, through the programs we manage, we foster trusted relationships with patients, their families, and caregivers, thus ensuring sustained program outcomes.

Strong Adherence To Treatment Support Since 1997 » Axios
Sawsan Alshurafa
Head of Access to Maximized Adherence
Patient Needs Assessment Tool (PNAT)

PNAT is used in Axios’ patient support programs to assess the risk factors that could lead the patient to stop treatment and helps determine the most effective adherence interventions for that particular patient based on his/her identified risk factors. PNAT was built around the five dimensions of adherence set by the World Health Organization (WHO). It uses a qualitative and semi-quantitative questionnaire to identify and document individual patient risk factors and apprehensions that may lead to poor adherence or discontinuation of treatment. The results are then used to develop a personalized adherence plan targeting these risk factors to support patients in their treatment journey and maximize medical benefit from treatment. Read more in the Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research.

Over 2,000 patients have been assessed using the PNAT tool across four countries and nine disease areas.

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