Remote Care

Making healthcare more conveniently available for patients outside the hospital


With the aging population increasing, and chronic diseases on the rise, there is a critical need for robust care systems beyond hospitals and healthcare facilities. The Axios' Remote Care (also known as Axios Home Care) services address the pressing need for alternative avenues in patient care outside traditional hospital settings. As patients often spend more time outside hospitals than within, the lack of comprehensive support and services becomes apparent, as one of the barriers to accessing the care and treatment they need.

While hospitals provide extensive support with a multitude of healthcare professionals, once patients leave the hospital, they often rely on informal caregivers and occasional home care nurse visits. Axios International steps in to bridge this gap by bringing licensed healthcare professionals closer to patients' homes.

Through Axios Remote Care, home care services are offered to support patients, alleviating the burden on the physicians and hospitals and freeing up hospital resources to concentrate on critical in-patients. The Covid-19 pandemic has made this burden very obvious. This immediate support reduces waiting times and provides a safe and convenient solution for patients to access necessary care.

Currently available in UAE and Kuwait, Axios International plans further expansion to its remote care services and continues addressing the evolving needs of patients and healthcare systems globally. Services available under Axios Remote Care includes,

Personalized Nursing care

Our licensed and registered nurses deliver the highest quality of care, allowing patients to receive treatment where it is convenient and most comfortable. Every patient receives disease-specific or therapy-specific nursing care, with a customized care plan that meets the treating physician’s medical recommendations and patient needs.

Screening and Diagnostic Monitoring

Axios Remote Care offers innovative diagnostic tests at home as pre-treatment initiation and as monitoring to speed up the screening and diagnostic monitoring process, which can reduce the timeline of diagnosis.

Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

According to a treating physician’s recommendation, remote rehabilitation and physiotherapy eliminate obstacles and time needed to reach healthcare facilities. The goal is to optimize patient function so that patients are able to return to their regular lifestyle activities, whether at home, at work, or in leisure activities.

Behavioral and Life Coaching

Our coaching program improves healthy behaviors and engages patients in their journey toward better health.

Weight Management and Nutrition Counseling

Each patient’s needs are identified and dietary guidance is provided by a licensed nutritionist in order to improve their lifestyle behavior and ensure maximum compliance with their treatment.

Mobile Healthcare

We aim to overcome the time and effort barriers patients would otherwise face when needing to go to healthcare facilities by bringing quality care to local communities through licensed healthcare professionals.

Enhancing patient care through comprehensive remote care support services

Our remote care support ensures that patients receive quality, affordable care from Axios International’s experienced, multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals in the most convenient and appropriate setting for them, whether at home, in a facility, or a combination of both.

To provide better care value, Axios Remote Care offers virtual appointments with physiotherapists and nutritionists, delivers prescribed treatments to your door, and arranges home visits by specialist teams – all as part of our remote care services.

Experience and Case Studies