Remote Care

Providing a safe, convenient way for patients to receive care.


Axios Home Care offers remote care services to support patients while alleviating the burden on hospitals by complementing their medical care. Growing demand on healthcare facilities in recent years has created a need for remote services that provide a safe, convenient way for patients to receive care. Axios Home Care is currently available across the MENA region, with plans for further expansion.
Personalized Nursing care

Our licensed and registered nurses deliver the highest quality of care, allowing patients to receive treatment where it is convenient and most comfortable. Every patient receives disease-specific or therapy-specific nursing care, with a customized care plan that meets treating physician’s medical recommendations and patient needs.

Screening and Diagnostic Monitoring

Axios International offers innovative diagnostic tests at home as pre-treatment initiation and as monitoring with the aim of speeding up the screening and diagnostic monitoring process, which can reduce the timeline of diagnosis.

Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

Access to remote rehabilitation and physiotherapy as per treating physician’s recommendations eliminates obstacles faced and time needed to reach healthcare facilities. We aim to optimize patient function to help integrate patients back into their regular lifestyle activities whether at home, work or leisure.

Weight Management and Nutrition Counseling

We identify each patient’s needs and provide personalized dietary guidance developed by a licensed nutritionist to improve their lifestyle behavior and ensure maximum treatment compliance.

Mobile Healthcare

We aim to overcome barriers of time and effort that patients would otherwise face when needing to go to healthcare facilities by bringing quality care by licensed staff to local communities.

Behavioral and Life Coaching

We use coaching as a method to improve healthy behaviors and engage patients in their journey towards better health.

Experience and Case Studies