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Access Strategy Consulting

Developing and optimizing access strategies for our clients and partners


Our access consulting solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each of the clients and partners and are supported by a commitment to sustainability and patient-centricity.

In today's dynamic healthcare landscape, healthcare providers must ensure sustainable access to treatments and medications for all patients at the right time of their need. Axios International identifies this need and helps its clients and partners, including multinational pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, insurers, governments, charities, and other private and public sector institutions, to incorporate sustainable access solutions into their business models through comprehensive access strategy and optimization.

By doing so, we are helping them build a culture that prioritizes patient access and better patient and market access needs. This involves aligning access initiatives with overarching business goals while promoting stakeholder engagement.

Strategic Planning

In our attempt to help and support our clients and partners, Axios International provides experienced guidance to optimize access planning initiatives and build internal engagement. This includes,

  • Developing access frameworks and tactical blueprints,
  • Conducting internal access capacity building,
  • Prioritizing countries and products,
  • Mapping opportunities, and
  • Conducting program feasibility studies to ensure the viability of the access programs
Access Strategy Development

We design corporate and country-level sustainable access strategies rooted in real market potential and validated access indicators. We have proprietary scientific tools that help us understand and support patients better in the programs we manage. Additionally, develop strategies for 360° patient support in all Axios-partnered access programs, from patients’ access to diagnosis, treatment, to maximized adherence to treatment solutions.

  • Patient affordability assessments,
  • Affordability and willingness studies on physicians' willingness to prescribe and patients’ willingness and ability to pay,
  • We also help develop business cases, and
  • Offer stakeholder engagement strategies
See below for validated tools used for access strategy development.
Access Program Optimization

Optimization of the Patient Support Programs (PSPs) and Patients Assistance Programs (PAPs) we manage are done by continuously evaluating program performance and outcomes. This includes,

  • Conducting program strategic reviews,
  • Gathering perspectives from patients and key opinion leaders, as well as stakeholder satisfaction surveys,
  • Optimizing access programs’ impact based on Real-World Insights (RWI),
  • Shaping the policies and blueprint for the access programs we manage, and
  • Access to Medicines Index submission preparation

We systematically analyze program data to derive valuable insights aimed at enhancing patient access initiatives. This includes,

  • Improving patient health and medical outcomes,
  • Identify unmet needs,
  • Optimizing the patient journey and experience,
  • Informing clinical and policy healthcare decision-making,
  • Refining access strategies, and
  • Guiding healthcare system improvements

Axios’ Proprietary Tools for Developing
Sustainable Access Strategies

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