The first and only full suite of digital solutions to improve patient access and adherence to treatment.


Axios+ offers intuitive tools to enhance the patient experience and medical outcomes, while facilitating the management of Patient Support Programs (PSPs). Developed based on more than 25 years of specialized experience designing and managing PSPs, Axios+ aims to improve the medical outcomes of treatment by making it easy for patients to track and manage their treatment, while facilitating and expediting the PSP referral process for physicians, and the medication dispensing process for pharmacists.

Created by Axios’ Digital Health team, our digital solutions have been developed using ISO-certified procedures with enhanced security features in compliance with the highest standards of personal data protection and data safety.

The apps are available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for patients, physicians and pharmacists participating in Axios-managed PSPs.

MyPatients App for Physicians

The MyPatients mobile app makes it quick and easy for physicians to refer patients to an Axios-managed Patient Support Program with a few clicks and effortlessly follow up on their progress at their own convenience.
With MyPatients, physicians can:
  • Refer patients directly from the app
  • Upload the program consent form or sign it digitally
  • Track their patients’ progress in the program

MyHealth App for Patients

The MyHealth mobile app makes it simple for patients to track and manage their treatment supported by an Axios-managed Patient Support Program.
With MyHealth, patients can:
  • View their upcoming medication releases
  • Quickly and easily pick up their medications from the pharmacy
  • Follow their program application status in real time
  • Easily upload program-related documents

MyPharmacy App for Pharmacists

The MyPharmacy app enables pharmacists to seamlessly dispense medications to patients enrolled in an Axios-managed Patient Support Program from one centralized location.
With MyPatients, physicians can:
  • View patients’ upcoming Medpacks
  • Directly upload receipts and other documents
  • Validate documents using the integrated QR code scanner or security code
  • See payments and reconciliations

Patient Management System

The PMS is Axios’ proprietary platform to manage Patient Support Programs, tailored to the patient journey. It strengthens program operations by digitizing and centralizing all program processes into one platform, while optimizing stakeholder management and engagement.
The PMS achieves this by:
  • Supporting the program management activities from referral to completion or drop out of the plan
  • Registering the treatment plan of each patient and their follow-up throughout the treatment lifecycle
  • Recording where and when the medications are bought, and automatically creating reminders and recording where and when the patient will need to get their new medications
  • Building reports about the stock in and the stock out to help health center logistics
  • Automatically and systemically generating and registering release letters
  • Integrating adverse event reporting, ensuring compliance, full follow-up and reconciliations

MyCharity Portal for Charities

MyCharity makes it simple for charities to track and manage patient charity applications associated with an Axios-managed Patient Support Program.
With MyCharity, charities can:
  • View, approve and reject applications
  • Upload and view governance documents
  • View patients’ information and documents

MyPrograms Client Dashboard

The MyPrograms web application provides unparalleled live data access to pharmaceutical companies supporting Axios-managed Patient Support Programs (PSP), reflecting up-to-date program performance.
With MyPrograms, companies can:
  • View up-to-date aggregated and anonymized data
  • View the number of patients by status in the program
  • View number of physicians or hospitals referring patients to the program
  • View product distribution by commercial type or number of units