Providing integrated patient support with an all-in-one digital health solution


Axios+ enables patients to connect to the healthcare and treatment they need at every step of their treatment journey. It is the first and only full suite of digital solutions designed to improve patient access and adherence to treatment.

Axios’ digital health ecosystem offers intuitive tools to enhance the patient experience and medical outcomes while facilitating the delivery of Axios-managed Patient Access Programs (PAPs and PSPs). Within the Axios+ ecosystem, there are seven Apps designed to help every stakeholder involved in patient’s treatment journey that seamlessly manage their access program and health progress, as well as streamline communications efficiently.

The Apps are available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, for patients, physicians, and pharmacists participating in Axios-managed Access Programs.

Created by Axios International’s Digital team, our digital solutions have been developed using ISO-certified procedures and GDPR compliance with enhanced security features and the highest standards of personal data protection and data safety. Developed based on 25+ years of specialized experience of designing and managing PSPs worldwide, Axios+ aims to improve the medical outcomes of treatment by making it easy for patients to track and manage their treatment while facilitating and expediting the PSP referral process for physicians and the medication dispensing process for pharmacists.

"By enabling human connection, rather than replacing physician-patient relationships, Axios+ helps improve patients' health and medical outcomes."

Axios+ is taking a step forward in healthcare and is focusing on the patient and connecting them to all the healthcare services they need rather than sticking to traditional healthcare delivery models. With the assistance of Axios+, patients are now able to enrol in the right access program soon after they are assessed for enrolment eligibility after their doctors’ referral, ensuring that they receive the right care and treatment at the right time.

This digital ecosystem is ubiquitous in the healthcare space outside the hospital, offering patients support and providing them with a medium to access care and treatment wherever and whenever they need it the most. The way Axios+ works is as an enabler for human connection, and not as a substitute for physician-patient relationships, leading to better and more sustainable relationships.

MyPatients for Physicians

Facilitates communication with patients at every stage of their treatment journey

Axios has always been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to making the treatment journey seamless for the patients. MyPatients is one such App developed to make it quick and easy for physicians to refer patients to an Axios-managed Access Program (PAPs and PSPs), paving the way to further ease communication and sharing information between the patients and the doctors with just a few clicks, and enabling effortless follow-up on their progress at their own convenience.

MyPatients is available for all participating physicians across the world. The App is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for physicians participating in Axios-managed Programs

With MyPatients, physicians can:
  • Refer patients directly from the app
  • Enter patients’ information and prescribed treatment​
  • Upload patient and physician Statement of Medical Necessity (SMN) form directly into the app and sign it digitally​
  • Follow up on patient treatment for better, faster, and more personalized care no matter where they are

MyHealth for Patients

Information of your treatment journey at your fingertips

MyHealth follows patients outside the hospital. It is designed to make patients’ treatment experience convenient and simple, helping them to track and manage their health progress, supported by Axios-managed Access Programs. This user-friendly application is built especially for patients to complement physician-patient relationships throughout their treatment journey.

MyHealth is available for all participating patients across the world. The App is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play for patients participating in Axios-managed Programs.

With MyHealth, patients can:
  • View their upcoming medication releases
  • Quickly and easily pick up their medications from the pharmacy
  • Follow their program application status in real time
  • Easily upload program-related documents

MyPharmacy for Pharmacists

Simplifying interactions between pharmacists, patients and physicians

MyPharmacy makes it simple for pharmacists to seamlessly dispense medications to patients enrolled in an Axios-managed Patient Support Program from a single platform. The application digitalizes the entire medicine release process, reducing the paper trail and improving efficiency.

MyPharmacy is available for all participating pharmacies across the world. The App is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play for pharmacies participating in Axios-managed Programs.

With MyPharmacy, Pharmacists can,
  • View patient information and medication release document instructions directly in the App
  • Safely upload receipts and other justification documents for each patient visit
  • Validate documents using the integrated QR code scanner in the app, making the medication release process swift and paperless
  • See payments and reconciliations, easing the stock management process

MyDiagnostics for Laboratories

Facilitating easy management of diagnosis reports

MyDiagnostics web application provides an easy and convenient way for Laboratories to schedule testing (blood, urine tests etc.) procedures and easily receive results from Axios-managed Patient Support Programs (PSPs). It provides an easy onboarding process for new patients as well as a centralized space to handle medical procedures and their results, connecting patients, physicians, laboratories, and Axios through a seamless experience.

MyDiagnostics provides Laboratories with:
  • An organized, structured view of procedures and their current statuses with priority marking for emergencies​
  • In-depth details on procedures including (but not limited to) sample submission documentation, procedure instructions, and delay/cancellation tracking​
  • A simplified and itemized process for submitting procedure results​

MyPrograms for Partners

Getting real-time data updates on program performance

MyPrograms is a desktop application that provides the clients and partners of the program with direct access to live data and insights into the performance of the Axios-partnered Access Programs. This App helps monitor and track the program’s performance in real time. In accordance with the project requirements, MyPrograms provides real-world data along with product and country-specific data.

With MyPrograms, our program partners can:
  • View up-to-date aggregated and anonymized data, such as number of patients by status in the program, number of physicians or hospitals referring patients to the program, and product distribution by commercial type or number of units, etc.,
  • View consistent, reliable program data and statistics tailored to Axios processes
  • Access a secure, controlled account for confidentiality
  • View updates per program and product for maximum visibility and local insight

MyCharity for NGOs and Charity Program Partners

Managing patient support

First of its kind, MyCharity is a web application that enhances access to treatment for Axios International’s NGO partners. The portal enables charities to easily manage and track patient charity applications associated with an Axios-managed Patient Support Program (PSPs).

With MyCharity, Program Partners can:
  • View and manage applications for patients requesting charity support
  • Access all due diligence and MoU documents

MyDistributor for Distributors

A seamless view into the lifecycle of medicine delivery

By consolidating the many moving parts involved in a successful delivery, MyDistributor reduces the entire process to just a few clicks, all in one user-friendly platform. With MyDistributor, our distribution partners have full visibility on the lifecycle of a delivery, which can be patient-specific or bulk, from its request to its completion.

With MyDistributor, Distributors can:
  • Get up-to-date information about all deliveries, including status, composition, and delivery location
  • Perform in-platform scheduling, allowing users to schedule or change logistic details directly on the App
  • Access all documents uploaded over the course of a delivery's lifecycle to ensure due diligence at all times