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About Axios Transforming
Access to Healthcare Since 1997

More About Axios And The Journey

Axios was formed in 1997 by an entrepreneurial group of health experts who believed that patients deserved better. They shared a unique vision of an organization that would bring the distinct needs of the private and public sectors together to transform conventional access to healthcare models. And that’s exactly what we did.

At the peak of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, Axios founders designed and launched an unprecedented antiretroviral (ARV) access program at a time when access to quality medications in developing countries was unheard-of. Soon after, we launched the world’s first access programs for cancer medications.

Our early programs gave millions of patients access to critical, life-saving medications and opened the world’s eyes to the feasibility of alternative, more effective access models. 25 years later, Axios continues to break new ground in the design and implementation of access to healthcare solutions across Africa, Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Europe.

Our Purpose

  • Since 1997, we've worked to transform access to healthcare by putting quality care and treatment within reach so that all people can achieve better health.
Axios opens its doors.
Expedites the availability of ARVs and care delivery during the peak of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa through pioneering public-private access models.
Begins early efforts to raise the urgency and visibility of cancer in the developing world through a sustained advocacy campaign.
Launches world’s first cancer treatment access program, serving 50k+ patients in 80 countries between 2003-2015.
Expands to Asia.
Begins implementation of a novel cost-sharing program in 10 countries where patients pay only what they can afford for treatment.
Expands to the Middle East.
Reaches milestone of 9 million+ patients served in 100+ countries over the last 20 years.
Expands to Latin America and Eastern Europe.
Managing 240+ patient access and support programs across 40+ countries.

Our Values

Our People and Leadership

Our global, multidisciplinary network of access specialists are positioned in key emerging markets around the world to provide valuable counsel and support where needed

Our Clients and Partners

Our robust and enduring client experience has prepared us to handle a wide range of products, markets and scenarios, and is a testament to the quality of our work. Some of our clients and partners include: