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Access to Treatment

Making it possible for patients to complete their course of treatment in order to maximize medical benefit


Using proprietary, validated tools, Axios International designs and implements patient affordability programs that maximize medical benefit and financial sustainability. While driving critical health system and policy improvements, this is also a step towards all access healthcare across the world. Our programs, with access to treatment in mind, utilize a range of access models customized to specific country, product and patient needs, including:
Tiered Cost Sharing

Access to treatment initiative enables treatment costs to be shared between the patient, the pharmaceutical company, and potentially other parties, based on a patient’s ability to pay. Unlike bonus schemes, cost sharing enables patients to access their full course of treatment, and in turn, maximize their medical outcomes.

Short-Term Financing

Many patients don’t have the liquidity to pay for the medication cost up front, even those that may be reimbursed. They may be waiting for reimbursement or be able to pay in smaller increments. By offering a credit line, patients are able to access treatment immediately, and repay the amount once the funds become available.

Co-Pay Support

For patients who are partially reimbursed, some still struggle to cover the non-reimbursed co-pay for their medication. By supporting these patients by covering their co-pay via voucher, they are able to complete their full course of treatment as prescribed.

Additional Models

The above are examples of innovative access models used by Axios. At the stage of strategy development, the specific needs of a given patient group, country, product and disease area are considered to design customized access models to close the identified gaps.

Patient Financial Eligibility Tool (PFET)
A cornerstone of Axios’ treatment access solutions, PFET is a one-of-a-kind tool developed by Axios to accurately determine how much help a patient needs to afford their full course of treatment. It can be used for both high and low cost products.
  • Improved accuracy. Axios International determines it is the only tool in the market today that takes into consideration country-specific income, assets and standard of living to improve the accuracy of assessment results in countries where informal economies often prevail.

  • Widely used. 10,000+ patients have been assessed using PFET in more than 20 countries.

  • Highly accepted. 90%+ of patients choose to undergo the assessment when asked.
  • Easy to scale and customized. Can be easily scaled and tailored to new countries, disease areas and medications.

  • Validated. PFET has been proven to effectively assess patients’ ability to pay in two studies published in Population Health Management and the Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research.

Experience and Case Studies