Frequently Asked Questions

Axios provides multi-dimensional support to patients through every step of their treatment journey, from diagnosis to access to adherence.

Axios International offers various sustainable access solutions, from strategy to implementation, that establish common ground between patient and stakeholder needs to drive patient outcomes, enable health system and policy improvements, and support financial sustainability.

  • Access Strategy Consulting: Axios works hand-in-hand with our clients to integrate sustainable access solutions through access strategy consulting into their business models while helping to build an internal culture that better understands and prioritizes patient access

Axios International takes a patient-centric approach in setting up and implementing access solutions, from diagnosis to maximized adherence to treatment support, as well as remote care in the space outside the hospital. Our solutions include:

  • Access to Diagnosis Solutions: Facilitate and accelerate disease diagnosis for improved medical and patient health outcomes.
  • Access to Treatment Solutions: Using Axios proprietary, validated tools, and methodologies, we design and implement affordable and sustainable Patient Assistance Programs that maximize medical benefits and patient health outcomes.
  • Adherence to Treatment Solutions: Using Axios proprietary, validated tools and methodologies, we design and implement affordable and sustainable Patient Assistance Programs that maximize medical benefits and patient health outcomes.
  • Axios Remote Care Solutions: Bringing licensed healthcare professionals closer to patients where and when they need them the most.

Axios International works with pharmaceutical companies, physicians, pharmacists, governments, charities, NGOs, distributors, and insurance companies to help patients overcome their access to quality healthcare challenges within and outside the hospital setting.

Axios International employs a three-step approach to delivering healthcare access in the space outside the hospital:

  • Access Strategy development
  • Setup & implementation
  • Access Optimization

Axios International is a global company with headquarters in Ireland. The company operates in over 20 countries, with the biggest regional office in Dubai, UAE.

You can contact Axios International at To contact our regional offices, you can find the list of countries and the respective emails here – 

Patient Support Programs (PSPs) prioritize treatment adherence as an essential element. PSPs ensure patients’ needs are personalized based on interventions offered using Axios’ proprietary PNAT (Personal Needs Assessment Tool).

Patient Assistance Programs address affordability issues and help patients continue their full treatment as prescribed based on needs determined using Axios’ proprietary PFET (Patient Financial Eligibility Tool).

RWI systematically analyzes real-world data gathered through Axios-partnered access programs encompassing patient-reported insights, real-world data, and program specialists and healthcare professionals’ interactions for disease management.


Axios International combines its global experience and local know-how of over 25 years with advanced analytics and extensive access expertise to deliver breakthrough insights that enhance patients’ treatment journeys within Axios-access programs.

Axios+ is a digital health ecosystem of Axios International, with intuitive tools to enhance the patient experience and medical outcomes while facilitating the management of Patient Support Programs (PSPs).

Axios International’s Access to Diagnosis Solutions works to help patients with a suspected diagnosis reach the point of confirmed diagnosis faster, minimize misdiagnosis, and better navigate their patient journey to drive better personal and health system outcomes.

Since each patient journey is unique, Axios’ Adherence to Treatment programs are designed to address patient challenges in a personalized way to help them stay on treatment and get the most out of their medication.

Using proprietary, validated tools, Axios International designs and implements patient affordability programs that maximize medical benefit and financial sustainability. While driving critical health system and policy improvements, this is also a step towards all access to healthcare worldwide. With access to treatment in mind, our programs utilize various access models customized to specific country, product, and patient needs.

Axios International offers remote care services to support patients while alleviating the burden on hospitals by complementing their medical care In recent years, the growing demand for healthcare facilities has created a need for remote services that provide a safe, convenient way for patients to receive care. Axios Remote Care (also known as Home Care) is currently available across the MENA region, with plans for further expansion.