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Access to Diagnosis

Accelerating timely disease diagnosis for better health outcomes


A treatment journey, from identifying symptoms to diagnosis, can be complex for patients, and how you respond during that time can greatly impact your treatment path and health outcomes. With Axios International's innovative interventions, which focus on facilitating holistic and personalized Access to Diagnosis Solutions, we aim to help patients suspected of having a diagnosis, in reaching a confirmed diagnosis as quickly and accurately as possible. While minimizing misdiagnoses, we strive to help patients navigate their treatment journey more effectively, optimizing treatment outcomes throughout the access programs we manage.

Access to diagnosis is only the first step in our 360-degree support system that a patient needs during their full course of treatment. With the collaborative support of stakeholders, Axios assists patients in accessing diagnostic tests through Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs), ensuring they can access the care they need when needed. We ensure that patients are well-informed about the support available to them, the program's functioning, and any associated conditions. Transparency builds trust and empowers patients to make informed decisions about their healthcare.

Our Approach to designing and implementing Access to Diagnosis solutions:

Axios International's Access to Diagnosis Solutions are designed to support short- and long-term patient and healthcare system needs. The more people are aware of possible health issues through awareness, the easier it is to ensure a smooth patient journey from start to end.

  • Short-term needs: With our access to diagnosis solutions, we enhance patient access to prompt and confirmed diagnosis. This involves identifying affordability barriers and facilitating expedited access to necessary treatments.
  • Long-term needs: Our access to diagnosis solutions addresses systemic barriers, and healthcare capacity gaps through increased awareness of specific, rare and chronic diseases among patients and through collaborative efforts with healthcare professionals.
Navigating patients' diagnosis journey with precision

Creating a network of support for patients is one of Axios International’s key strategies. As a patient-centric organization, we place the interests and concerns of the patient first. Our goal is to increase the rate of early patient diagnosis for a more effective and timely treatment journey by partnering with healthcare professionals, medical societies, clients, and partners.

The journey to recovery can be better navigated for patients with the support of Axios Access to Diagnosis solutions. Axios International provides patients with guidance and support, from referrals to understanding results and facilitating financial support as needed for testing by reducing misdiagnoses and ensuring timely support.

Personalized Patient Support services provided under Access to Diagnosis Solutions

Addressing the multifaceted challenges of a diagnosis journey demands a holistic approach, recognizing the nuances of each patient’s experience. Under Axios Access to Diagnosis solutions, we provide various tailored support services for patients, striving to empower them at every step of their journey. Here are some pivotal components of our personalized support:

We need to consider a multitude of factors when it comes to providing support to patients during their diagnosis journey. Some of our personalized support includes the following listed.

Raising awareness of disease and early diagnosis

Early diagnosis begins with awareness. By understanding diseases and their diagnosis and treatment, individuals will have the right knowledge to seek early diagnosis and immediate treatment.

Axios International follows two models to educate people – one through awareness campaigns and the second through a targeted reach to the patient. We hold disease awareness campaigns to educate the public, patients, and caregivers with the support of healthcare providers. These campaigns aim to communicate the facts about diseases, their symptoms, risk factors, and available preventive measures and treatments. We also reach out to patients individually to understand their needs and develop personalized educational plans for them. The primary goal of these campaigns is to promote early detection.

Facilitate financial support for accessing diagnosis

It is a well-known fact that healthcare can be a financially burdensome process. Diagnosis tests are only the beginning. Many patients delay getting diagnosed, worrying about the type of treatment cost and support they may not receive. These worries about paying for diagnostic tests can also add emotional stress to individuals already dealing with health concerns. Thus, the costs associated with diagnostic tests can be a significant barrier to healthcare access, often leading to multiple challenges.

Also, patients who are concerned about diagnostic costs may not fully follow through on recommended diagnostic testing steps. This can lead to delayed medical assessments. Empowering patients, therefore, in their patient journey by enabling them to receive the financial assistance they need at the right time is key.

Facility accessibility support

Transportation, distance, and location barriers can pose challenges to the diagnosis process. Accessing a healthcare facility may be difficult for some patients who do not live in proximity or cannot afford to travel for medical care. To address this issue, we organize screening events and interventions to enhance accessibility. These initiatives aim to bridge the gap by bringing healthcare professionals and services directly to communities in need, eliminating the need for individuals to travel to a diagnosis facility.

Screening events are proactive in nature, designed to detect health issues at an early stage when treatment is often more effective. Many individuals may be unaware of the health risks they face. They often include educational components that inform communities about the importance of regular check-ups, recognizing symptoms, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. By raising disease awareness, these initiatives empower patients to take control of their health and seek medical assistance when necessary.

These organized activities are specifically designed to identify health issues early on and provide assistance, particularly for those who may face barriers in accessing healthcare. You don’t have to overcome these barriers alone; Axios International’s patient care liaisons and access specialists serve as your partners in health, supporting you through the process.

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