Episode 3 – Speaking Of… Hope. Support. Heal.

Episode 3 - Speaking Of... Hope. Support. Heal.

🎙️ Join us for the third episode of “Speaking Of… Hope. Support. Heal.” where we delve into the inspiring journey of Karima, a brave 49-year-old woman currently battling metastatic breast cancer. Despite her challenging circumstances, an exceptional part of Karima’s journey is her choice to not reveal her diagnosis to her family. This tough decision highlights how intricate her circumstances are and showcases the emotional resilience she displays on a daily basis. For the past three years, Karima has been enrolled in an Axios International-partnered Patient Support Program and is getting medical support throughout her treatment journey. As a healthcare access company, Axios International provides complete support that a patient would need at any point in their treatment journey. Tune in now to hear stories of resilience and strength from those facing chronic health issues and discover the support and hope that can foster healing.