Episode 4 – Speaking Of… Hope. Support. Heal.

Episode 4 - Speaking Of... Hope. Support. Heal.

🎙 In the latest episode of Speaking Of… Hope. Support. Heal. We take an inspiring journey with Vijay Mishra, who triumphed over cancer in July 2023.

Vijay’s journey began in September 2021 when he sought medical attention for persistent headaches, only to receive the life-altering diagnosis of blood cancer. His biggest challenge during this trying time was being away from his family. Vijay’s life changed after he enrolled in an Axios International-partnered Patient Support Program to get medical support. Even after remission, he continues to get post-treatment support and care from Axios International.

Tune in now to hear stories of resilience and strength from those facing chronic health issues and discover the support and hope that can foster healing.