A global crowdfunding movement for healthcare access

Access to healthcare is a pressing global challenge that demands a global solution. In recent years, remarkable strides in science and technology have ushered in life-saving medications and treatments, saving countless lives. However, this progress remains out of reach for millions worldwide who cannot afford these vital resources. Shockingly, the World Health Organization reports that approximately 100 million individuals plunge into extreme poverty every year due to healthcare expenses.

As the number of patients in need continues to swell, the urgency to forge new pathways to affordable healthcare has never been more pronounced.

Together for Patients is a groundbreaking crowdfunding initiative by Axios International. This initiative invites the world to unite to support patients striving to access lifesaving medicines. As the vehicle for change, crowdfunding opens its arms to everyone, regardless of location, providing an inclusive, sustainable mechanism to back those in need.

Axios International is poised to collaborate with partners across the globe, amplifying the initiative’s reach and impact to aid as many patients as possible. As part of Together for Patients, we will launch a series of crowdfunding campaigns, each dedicated to patients in need across the world. Our ambition is nothing short of igniting a global movement, granting everyone an opportunity to join our mission: transforming healthcare access by placing quality care and treatment within everyone’s reach and enabling better health for all.

Over the past 25 years, Axios International has consistently pioneered innovative models to ensure equitable healthcare access, extending quality care and treatment to millions of patients across the globe. Our existing patient support programs reach over 20,000 patients in over 20 countries. In our unwavering pursuit to #Neverstandstill, Together for Patients stands as our latest endeavor, an invitation to the world to rally behind patients in their quest for better health.

Together, we can make quality healthcare accessible to everyone, forging a brighter, healthier future.