There is No Health Without Access

Watch our webinar on navigating a patient's journey in Mexico organized in collaboration with our partners featuring Axios' Regional Operations Lead, Valeriia Mykolaienko and a panel of experts

Our exclusive webinar, “Without Access, There is No Health,” explores the critical link between access and health. Benefit from the insights by Axios International and our guest experts on access programs from the LatAm region as they discuss the different stages of a patient’s journey.


Panelists: Dr Laura Suchil Bernal, Clinical Researcher; Leticia Aguair Green, Consultant in Access topics for civil society organizations; Valeriia Mykolaienko, Regional Operations Lead, Consulting/Implementation Global at Axios International; a patient voice; and moderated by an experienced healthcare communicator, Joselyne Rivera Pasillas, Director General and Partner of Psiquepol to facilitate discussion.