Episode 6: How 25 Years of Experience Prepared Us for the COVID Pandemic

In the 6th episode of the Health Access Now podcast, we address one of the most important topics today: how COVID-19 has altered the impact on access to proper healthcare.

For millions of people worldwide, access is not a given and the COVID pandemic has highlighted the gaps.

We’re proud that Axios was ready for the pandemic. 25 years of experience, coupled with a deep understanding of the patient journey and close relationships with our patients meant continuity of our programs was smooth, even in the face of the pandemic.

In this episode, together with Dr. Joseph Saba, we are going to uncover:

  • Biggest challenges patients faced during COVID
  • System to follow the patients
  • How far we’ve come in 25 years
  • Motivation behind Axios mission
  • Impacting 9 million patients’ lives
  • The difficulty of the healthcare system to change
  • Vision from 1997
  • Next 25 years