Axios and Dar Al Ber Society Announce Access Focused Pharmacy

Abwab Al Khair Pharmacy will facilitate treatment access in MENA

Axios International and Dar Al Ber Society announce the successful opening of Abwab Al Khair Pharmacy on Sunday, June 26 - the first of its kind in the UAE that primarily focuses on improving patient access to medication for chronic diseases and an ecosystem to new resources of fund for charity. The pharmacy will serve as the approved pharmacy for Patient Access Programs (PAP) dispensers and will be available for all charities who wish to support patients. 

The establishment will be supported by our partners in the government, the private sector and various charities to address the needs of our patients and the community. 

Proceeds from the pharmacy will be donated to the Dar Al Ber fund permanently, dedicated towards Dar Al Ber charitable work - a unique establishment integrating a new concept. Donations will be given to a pharmacy focusing on the theme of the community.  

Thank you to our partners, for their multi-sectoral collaboration in bridging healthcare access to patients.