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Every Axios' strategy aims to deliver significant, measurable results. For this reason, research is a key component of our comprehensive access approach. By capturing and integrating locally-relevant indicators, Axios aims to create a foundation in which to measure success, support strategic decisions and optimize results along the way.  

Patient and Market Intelligence Analysis
Axios’ rigorous epidemiological studies seek to understand behaviors, trends and patterns to garner useful insights driving patient and stakeholder decisions. Our research teams comprise both quantitative and qualitative researchers and subject-matter access specialists to ensure a well-balanced methodology and analysis. 

Ability and Willingness to Pay & Prescribe Studies
In addition to ability to pay, patient and physician perception of product value plays an important role in product-purchase decisions in out-of-pocket markets. For this reason, Axios has developed a unique methodology that assesses both ability and willingness to pay and prescribe. Together, this assessment provides a more comprehensive understanding of the real market potential to help inform and shape both commercial and access strategy decisions.

Health Economics Studies
Design product entry strategies that resonate with stakeholders through access-focused health economics studies. 

Program Evaluations
Axios’ research team made up of medical doctors, epidemiologists, statisticians and leading University professors conduct program evaluations designed to contribute to the global healthcare access evidence base while identifying opportunities for improvement and growth.