Propel patient access and market growth

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Growing demand combined with ever increasing costs for healthcare are requiring a radical re-think of top-down models of state-provided healthcare to ensure sustainability. Reimbursement-focused efforts must be coupled with new solutions for non-reimbursed populations – such as cost sharing models – that are capable of improving both patient access and business results. Segmenting the full market, not just rich vs. poor, and delivering solutions to each segment, is critical to reaching market potential in these countries.

Creative Access Strategies Design and Implementation

There is a large middle segment of the population in emerging markets that cannot afford full price medications, is not fully reimbursed, or does not qualify for humanitarian donations. This “middle-ground” vacuum is a potential customer base that is capable of generating relevant sales – this is where Axios’ Creative Access Strategies (CAS) can help. Axios specializes in the design and implementation of market access strategies – such as partial payment programs and alternative financing models – to increase market reach by removing financial barriers while maintaining price.